AgroPlatform is the first digital solution for agricultural companies ensuring a fair, innovative and effective approach to grain trade.

AgroPlatfroma offers a unique solution not only in the Baltics but throughout Europe, opening wide opportunities for the agricultural sector to take up a new dimension of development.

How does it work?

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Benefits for both parties

Online trading in grain

The grain buyer can buy, and the farmer can sell his own grains by placing purchase or sale ads, according to the independently drawn sale/purchase specifications. Both the grain buyers and the farmers can bid once (bid) the advertised price in their preferred direction, which the other party can approve or reject.

Fixing the price on-line

As is known, the grain prices in the world, including in Latvia, are determined by the worlds stock exchanges, whose published price indices are used for pricing the grain transactions. AgroPlatform is a connection not only between farmers and grain buyers, but also a connection to the stock exchange. Grain buyers receive convenient price fixing, browsing and summary of information to manage effectively their transactions in other financial instruments, while the farmer can do the price fixing both manually and automatically.

Secure transaction environment

Terms of advertising and transactions on AgroPlatform are governed by the AgroPlatform Service Agreement and Terms of Use, signed by each new client of AgroPlatform prior to use. In its turn, the relationship between the buyer and the seller of grain is regulated by the grain delivery contract developed by a team of professional lawyers of AgroPlatform. Similarly, approval of transactions takes place only with a specific user-assigned authorization device code.

High efficiency

By placing an advertisement on AgroPlatform about purchase or sale of grain, all AgroPlatform users are addressed simultaneously. The user is immediately informed about activities in his profile, for example, about a new quote, conclusion of a new sale contract, price fixing, etc.

Throughout the territory of Latvia

As you know, the Internet is available all over Latvia! Good luck in your deals! We value your success and achievements.

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Published offers

Number Offer type Price type Grain Index Quantity Available uantity Delivery region Date
O4291901 Wanted Future Rapeseed NOV 20 500.00 500.00 Latvija 07.04.2020 Open
O0926001 Wanted Future Rapeseed NOV 20 500.00 500.00 Liepājas 07.04.2020 Open
O1444801 Wanted Future Rapeseed NOV 20 500.00 500.00 Rīgas 07.04.2020 Open
O5553901 Wanted Future Wheat DEC 20 3000.00 3000.00 Latvija 26.03.2020 Open
O1629401 Wanted Future Beans DEC 20 3000.00 3000.00 Rīgas 24.03.2020 Open
O1415301 Wanted Future Peas DEC 20 3000.00 3000.00 Rīgas 24.03.2020 Open
O8713501 Wanted Future Wheat DEC 20 5000.00 5000.00 Liepājas 24.03.2020 Open
O1261601 Wanted Future Wheat DEC 20 5000.00 5000.00 Liepājas 24.03.2020 Open
O4580701 Wanted Future Wheat DEC 20 5000.00 5000.00 Rīgas 24.03.2020 Open
O9255201 Wanted Future Wheat DEC 20 10000.00 10000.00 Rīgas 24.03.2020 Open