How does it work?


What is AgroPlatform?

AgroPlatform is the first digital solution for agricultural companies ensuring a fair, innovative and effective approach to grain trade.

What are my benefits of using AgroPlatform as a Farmer?

AgroPlatform makes it possible to offer for sale the products you have manufactured to all the Grain buyers simultaneously, registered on AgroPlatform. Moreover, making an offer will take only a few minutes and will give you the opportunity to specify the conditions of your desired transaction. The goal of AgroPlatform is to enable Farmers to sell their product at the best possible price, as well as to do it quickly, safely and effectively, further focusing on the main question – the production.

What are my benefits of using AgroPlatform as a Grain buyer?

AgroPlaforma makes it possible to see all the offers of grain sale and their specifications in one place. In addition, you can choose and confirm your preferred offer with just a few clicks. AgroPlaformas goal is to enable the Grain Buyer to become even more efficient and save resources by making grain purchases in the e-environment from anywhere in the world where the internet is available.


What should I do to be able to buy or sell grain on AgroPlatform?

In order to do transactions on AgroPlatform, you must register your User Account on the AgroPlatform website by entering and confirming the required information. Once the User Account has been created, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the working environment and terms of AgroPlatform, however, in order to place a sales ad or respond to an ad already published, it is necessary to conclude the Service Agreement with AgroPlatform by entering additional information, and wait for the approval for the AgroPlatform’s User.

Who can register and make transactions on AgroPlatform?

On AgroPlatform as a Seller, only such company, farm or person can register and do transactions, who has been granted a Rural Support Service (RSS) number and who owns or who is in possession of the areas, for which it receives area payments. On AgroPlatform as a Buyer, only a company whose main activity is the purchase, processing and/or marketing of agricultural products and which has the necessary resources to deal with the conclusion and execution of grain purchase agreements can register and complete transactions. Before concluding the Service Agreement, both the Buyer and the Seller are asked by AgroPlatform to provide information, in order to verify compliance with these requirements.


How safe it is to do transactions on AgroPlatform?

The transaction security level on AgroPlatform is equivalent to banking security level. Transactions on AgroPlatform can only take place after the conclusion of the Agreement with AgroPlatform, which also includes the Users two level identification and the verification of its reputation.

How are my private data stored and for what purposes are they used?

AgroPlatform is built to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data and transaction details, in accordance with the highest security standards and in accordance with the applicable personal data protection laws. Your data and transaction details are stored in the AgroPlatform database in Europe only on data servers that have appropriate security certificates. The contact details you provide are used to contact you at times during transactions, when needed, for example, by sending a transaction confirmation code.

How can AgroPlatform identify if it is the particular individual who has connected to the account and not someone else?

Each User, who has registered and wants to work on AgroPlatform, must conclude the Service Agreement with AgroPlatform, where the User indicates and confirms his identity with the identity tools available to him - only the e-mail and phone available to the User. These Identity Tools will continue to be used to identify the User and do the transactions. Moreover, AgroPlatform verifies the Users representation rights in the Company represented in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia. The Service Agreement stipulates the Users responsibility and the obligation to keep their identity information only in a place known to themselves. The Service Agreement is signed by electronic signature or on-site, where the User confirms his identity and assumes responsibility for compliance with the terms, when using AgroPlatform.

Transactions and prices

What is the cost of using AgroPlatform?

The fee for using AgroPlatform is set out in the AgroPlatform’s pricelist here. AgroPlatform offers the grain purchase and sale of the 2018 crop for a special welcome fee of 0.00 EUR per tonne.

Who should I close the grain purchase and sale contract with on AgroPlatform?

The contract, as before, is concluded between two parties to the transaction - the seller of agricultural products and the buyer of the products. The only difference is that the counterparty is found and selected using the advantages of AgroPlatform, and the Contract is concluded and signed with the tools available in the AgroPlatform environment. The goal and purpose of AgroPlatform is to help the User to find the right counterparty with whom to conclude a mutually agreed supply agreement with the rights and obligations arising therefrom.

Is the other counterparty visible at once?

No, whereas taking care of the Users privacy, the counterpartys details are disclosed only at the moment when it has shown interest in the posted ad and confirmed the desire to buy or sell the item.

Is it possible to do Future Grain Transactions on AgroPlatform?

Yes, AgroPlatform provides for the opportunity to enter into future grain trades, moreover, it is possible to fix the future price of the grain both manually and automatically. AgroPlatform also offers MATIFF Stock Market price indexes in real time for more convenient future transactions.

What does the Stock Data show and how to understand them?

The stock market data are available in real-time flow and the Stock market data show within the working hours of the Stock exchange, but the Users can fix the price on weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00 oclock Latvian time.

What are the indexes in ads and how to use them?

The last price index of the Stock Exchange is the Monthly Index specified by the Exchange as a financial instrument to split the transaction year into parts. The last price is a variable that represents the value of the item indicated on the Exchange at the last transaction.

Can I withdraw my ad?

You can undo an advertisement (and reinsert it with a renewed specification) only if no lead has logged on to it. Similarly, the parties have the possibility to reject a potential counterparty offer if the potential counterparty is not eligible.


Registration Free
Account Maintenance Annual Fee Free
Commission on grain sales in 2018 0.00 EUR/tonne
Commission on grain sales in 2019 0.25 ... 0.50 EUR/tonne
Stock exchange price in real time Free
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Transaction Insurance On request

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